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The Band

Chris Johnson  - guitar & vocals
Jon Benton - guitar & vocals
Angela Gordon - flute, whistles, accordion & vocals
Paddy Berry - bass

Stout Boots, York, UK

Like so many of life’s great adventures Stout Boots began as an idea in the pub - a group of musician friends wanting the chance to perform together and have a laugh between other projects and commitments. And, like so many ideas that start in the pub, it soon got out of hand. For over 10 years now this Yorkshire band has been entertaining crowds across the North of England with their infectious energy, humour, musicianship and commitment to the song.
Taking their Celtic pub songs played hard approach as their core, the band’s setlist has evolved to take in Irish pub songs, Scottish reels, jigs, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Pop, and even the odd song made up on the spot. As Big Bill Broonzy said, “all songs are folk songs”! The chance to see Stout Boots live is the chance to sing, to dance and to laugh.

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